Emanha Shop 1

Emanha 1

Located on Avenue April 25 in Figueira da Foz, Emanha 1 is an establishment turned almost exclusively to offer our magnificent handmade ice cream.

Their tasting is done in the sight of beautiful, unique and special Beach Clarity, with distant sea and sky accompanied by the smell of salt air felt by anyone who walks down the sidewalk of the avenue.


Emanha bet in improving its infrastructure

The Emanha has an ongoing project funded by NSRF under the OP Regional Center – Innovation SI / MERCA. The project includes, in addition to the establishment of complete refurbishment and replacement of all equipment, also covering the terrace, creating a new and cozy room.

The restructuring project with the Improvement Works Emanha 1 arises from the need to transform a space aged and outdated, in a modern and warm, able to provide better service to their customers. This project represents a total investment of EUR 298,606.00, being the eligible investment of 276,132.01, with a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of 207,099.00 euros.

Winter Schedule

Opening at 13:00 – Closing at 24:00

Summer Schedule

Opening at 10:30 – Closing at 02:00