Handmade Ice Cream

Our ice cream is handcrafted with the freshest ingredients and the highest quality of products typical Emanha. Are 30 years of tradition in the manufacture of ice cream and desserts complement.

The challenge arose in the late 70’s, based on the need to create jobs for a family originally from Angola, he had left for safety reasons at independence. It was a risky project, taking into account existing conditions, and could only be accomplished through many sacrifices and some good wishes. The combination of all born in the spring of 1980, our first handmade ice cream parlor, located in the pretty marginal Figueira da Foz, near the roundabout Buarcos.

The main focus was, from the beginning, the quality of the product. We sought the best technology, the best raw materials. The rest was learning, since none of the actors had any experience so far in this activity.

Nearly three decades later, with two establishments in Figueira da Foz and the Park of Nations in Lisbon, where you can taste a wide variety of high quality artisanal ice cream, believe to be in possession of a know-how that puts us at ice cream of the country’s most prestigious.

It shows us customer loyalty Emanha, we emphasize on your preference. From parents to children and from these to the generation that follows them, to friends of friends, goes by the name: Emanha that the country of origin means “big rock”, will be imposed on another continent as name ice cream.